Mobile payments should be painless

We provide a solution no matter your needs


Pay Anyone

Pay anyone as simple as sending a text message, even through your favourite messaging platform. Simple, cheap and fast.


Pay Less To Be Paid

Enough with excessive fees being paid to do business - we have the cheapest rates out there with built in convenience for your specific business needs.

Financial Service Providers

Mobile Payments Without The Mess

Upgrading existing technology is expensive and risky. We can help you to enable mobile payments over multiple channels simply and cheaply.


One API For All Your Needs

We provide all the infrastructure you need to start incorporating transactional accounts. Whether you're a game developer, a fintech start up or in the commerce space we have got you covered.


Start accepting mobile payments today

Mobile payments can be simple, cheap and secure. Whether you are a consumer, a business, FSP or a developer we can help you with making and accepting payments.

Instant, cheap and secure - start today.

Use Cases

Retail: Rewards and pay as you go accounts for your customers.

Transport: No need to carry cash or card - pay with a text or message.

Fintech: Integrate full financial functionality for your users.

Bank: Allow your customers to have pay as you go mobile accounts - starting today.

E-commerce: One single account for customers across web, mobile and any other platform.

Friends: Pay your friends and family as easily as sending a Good Morning text.


Make mobile payments easy

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